Zimbabwe: Tagwirei Clears Air On Dynamos

SAKUNDA Holdings chief executive Kuda Tagwirei says he has no intentions to acquire Dynamos, adding that all his company wants is to reconcile the warring parties at the country's biggest football club.

This effectively puts to bed rumours circulating that the business tycoon was working towards taking over the club which is currently at the centre of an ownership wrangle.

The energy giants are in a marriage with the Glamour Boys whom they are bankrolling in the next three years with a possibility of extending the relationship.

And the rumour mill was awash the Harare businessman was angling to buy DeMbare who are, for the umpteenth time, at the centre of an ownership tussle.

Asked by the late legendary George "Mastermind" Shaya's wife, Agnes, whom Tagwirei's company bought a US$110 000 house in Madokero, about the rumours at the official handover of the property in Harare yesterday, Tagwirei poured his heart out.

The Glamour Boys are back in the news, not just for their display in the field of play from which they are topping the Premier Soccer League log, but due to some quarrels over the club's ownership.

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A group, led by former player Ernest Kamba, is claiming ownership of the club which is legally owned by Dynamos Private Limited and Tagwirei said his company was committed to bringing everlasting stability at the club.

"We are not taking over Dynamos, no. That is not what we stand for. Instead, we are working on two things, which include making sure that the ownership structure is done properly and according to the Constitution of Dynamos. Those who own Dynamos will own Dynamos," said Tagwirei.

"So we are making sure that the warring parties come together, sit down and agree on the way forward.

"They should certainly reach an agreement; each one will take what belongs to them but we know they are the owners of Dynamos. We (Sakunda Holdings) are not the owners of Dynamos, what we can only do is help those who own the club find common ground.

"We don't take people's things, we give them what belongs to them, that is what we are doing. After that, we will then bring supporters on board to make sure that they become part of Dynamos through subscriptions.

"By becoming members, through paying subscriptions, the supporters will then participate in Dynamos' affairs. That is the second stage. Then we will obviously want the fans to participate by pitching up where the team would be playing.

"Our football has not been moving well. You know when Dynamos is not doing well, Zimbabwean football suffers."

Apparently Agnes Shaya is bitter with Dynamos majority shareholder, Bernard Marriot-Lusengo, whom she accused of turning a deaf ear when called to help out the Shaya family when the legendary Dynamos forward was ill.

George Shaya died in August last year at the age of 77.

"Imagine I called him (Marriot) when George (Shaya) was not feeling well and he accused George of plotting to take over the ownership of Dynamos. I asked him how that was possible and he hung up. If George had been given assistance by Dynamos, maybe he wouldn't have been dead," she said

But Tagwirei responded by insisting peace is the only available option.

"The Bible teaches us to unite people for they disagree because of the devil. The enemy is not the people but it is the devil. That we should know, the devil is the one which causes commotion amongst people.

"If you are to read The Bible in the Book of Genesis, the devil was upon the serpent and went to corrupt Eve and thereafter blame games ensued yet the devil was outside leaving people disagreeing.

"We don't have to fight people. Let's look for each other, unite for the same cause and live in peace. If we are united, we will go forward.

"So Marriot (Bernard), Kamba (Ernest) and the others up to the likes of Bill Antonio, who is playing for Dynamos now, they are all Dynamos family. That is the work that I want to work for you at the club. We want to unite this family.

"We should look for the devil and destroy the devil not to fight amongst ourselves. Marriot is not the devil, we should look for the devil and when we find the devil, then we can then fight for the common cause."

Tagwirei said the Madokero property represents what Shaya did for the country in his heyday.

It is the fulfilment of what Sakunda Holdings pledged during the official launch of the Dynamos and Highlanders sponsorship in Harare last year.

The company pledged to owner Shaya posthumously by buying his family a US$120 000 house in a suburb of their choice.

Three other football luminaries including legends Moses "Bambo" Chunga and Madinda Ndlovu, as well as football commentator Charles Mabika, were each promised a US$90 000 house.

Chunga is understood to have already bought a house in the Southerton area of Harare from the money which he received from Sakunda Holdings.

The Shaya family was given the freedom to scan for a house they wanted and found the one in Madokero at a cost of US$100 000 with conveyance fees pegged at US$5 000 while water and electricity systems consumed another US$5 000.

Tagwirei said the family can pocket the remainder of the money while also pledging to install a solar system for electricity backup and to also avail some funds for furniture.

"This house represents what George Shaya did for the country while playing the game of football. In the 1970s things were hard in this country so when Dynamos was winning on the football field, those fighting (for the country during the liberation struggle) also felt that victory. It's an inspirational story . . . ," said Tagwirei.

In accepting the gesture, Agnes Shaya, who broke down several times during the hour-long function, said she was overwhelmed with Sakunda Holdings' benevolence.

"I wish George (Shaya) was here witnessing this today. I am very happy to say the least. George was a good man who had a good heart. I stayed with him for 56 years and for those years, I never received a single clap from him," she said.

"Imagine the nature of his work when we were still in our youthful years. He would get frustrated and I was also talkative but he loved peace. I would like to salute Sakunda for their gesture. I would encourage them to do this for more people."

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