Adidas’ latest bra campaign met with mixed reaction

JOHANNESBURG – Adidas's latest campaign had people talking on social media.

Adidas shared on their Twitter page the campaign which included snapshots of 25 different bare breasts in different shapes, sizes, and needs.

"We believe women’s breasts in all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. Which is why our new sports bra range contains 43 styles, so everyone can find the right fit for them" read the caption that accompanied the post.

The campaign has had mixed reactions on social media with one Twitter user asking whether Adidas would do the same campaign with men's genitals.

"Would you do this with men's genitals? Is this ad directed towards men? Women already know what shapes, sizes, colors breasts come in".

Another user asked what the brand was selling: "I’m all for boobies and positivity but like … what are they selling? Shouldn’t it at least show how their “body positive” bras support all different kinds of boobies? Or is this just another shock ad designed only to generate revenue by using women’s bodies? exhausting."

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Some were pleased to see that the brand was catering to their breast type and size.

“As someone who can never find a sports bra that fits, it’s nice to see that they are specifically advertising to me. If I don’t see my size in an ad, I just assume that they don’t have it”.

As someone who can never find a sports bra that fits, it’s nice to see that they are specifically advertising to me. If I don’t see my size in an ad, I just assume that they don’t have it.

— Sydney (@sydnubabu) February 12, 2022

Adidas launched a brand new sports bra collection which includes new designs and styles. The brand re-engineered the way it catered to body types and exercise.

"With studies showing breasts can undergo damaging skin stretch without the right bra, and widespread dissatisfaction amongst every day and elite athletes that is hindering performance and participation in sport, the collection comprises of 43 new styles across 18 product franchises," said Adidas.

The brand said it was committed to driving its innovation forward to better serve the needs of female athletes, making their impossible, possible, in sport.

Adidas worked with a leading breast biomechanics research institute, University of Portsmouth, which found that if breasts are not properly supported during running, they experience the same G force as an F1 driver and could undergo potentially damaging skin stretch.

“Unknown to many, athletes may require the same amount of breast support during power walking as they do during sprinting, and a lack of support has the potential to cause irreversible damage. Breast movement in sport continues to be an area that is overlooked, so it’s great to have established a long-standing relationship with Adidas. Not only have they invested in sports bra research and development and independent scientific testing, but they recognise the importance of raising awareness of this topic. This is great to see given the impact breasts can have on participation and performance in sport; and it’s vital that we continue to provide further education where we can,” said the head of the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth, Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr.

Adidas has pushed the envelope with the campaign and while it celebrates women's bodies, they've triggered society in having conversations about the sexualisation of breasts.

breasts are not nudity & society should stop teaching it as such… why can men be shirtless without being considered nudity, but women shirtless is nudity?

— lauren (@laurenevelyn__) February 10, 2022

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