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Africa’s week in pictures: 4-10 February 2022

A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond:

People wear bright costumes and hold lights.AFP
A man works on a floor mosaic.EPA
A Roman amphitheatre viewed through an arch.AFP
Children with Egyptian flags painted on their cheeks gaze up at a screen.EPA
Men shout, jump and smile, some take a selfie.Reuters
A woman leans out a car window and waves the Senegalese flag.AFP
Two small children look at the remains of a building, one holds an umbrella.AFP
People beat out a fire with tree branches.AFP
Two girls with missing milk teeth open their mouths wide as they recite in a classroom.EPA
People stand behind a cordon. They use their mobile phones as torches.AFP
Posters illustrating the boy lye next to candles.EPA
Mouhamad Ghassen Nouira looks at samples of his dyed fabrics and yarn placed in a box.Reuters
A worker plants flowers under the newly constructed Nairobi expressway.Reuters
A man walks under the newly constructed Nairobi expressway.Reuters

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