BBC World News taken off air in Russia

LONDON – The BBC said on Sunday that its World News television channel has been taken off the air in Russia as Moscow clamps down further on foreign media during its war in Ukraine.

BBC World News presenter Victoria Derbyshire first announced the suspension to viewers outside Russia on Sunday.

"BBC World News, the channel you are watching if you are outside the UK right now, and which is the BBC's global television news channel, has just been taken off air in Russia," she said.

A BBC spokesperson said that BBC World News had not been available in Russia since Saturday.

"We regret that our Russian audiences are being denied access to trusted and impartial news at a time when they need it most," the spokesperson said

The BBC said on Friday that it was halting its journalists' work in Russia after lawmakers moved to impose harsh jail terms for publishing "fake news" about the army as part of efforts to muffle dissent over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

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