Business Talk – Kavi Pather from EY on why you need to pay attention to how AI is changing business

Kavi Pather is the artificial intelligence and advanced analytics leader for the Africa region of EY.

He previously worked at Quindiem Consulting for over four years as a consulting actuary and manager and also lectured Actuarial Science at the University of Witwatersrand.

Pather joined EY in 2011 as a partner while he was lecturing, before taking on the role of Africa Actuarial, Quants, and Data Science leader in 2016, which then led to him taking on his current role in 2021.

Pather joins Michael Avery on the Business Talk show, hosted by BusinessTech, to discuss AI and its vast range of applications.

He points out how AI can be used in business today. Pather then suggests how businesses can benefit from AI in the innovation and transformation space, such as when they are handling data.

He highlights the challenges of implementing AI solutions with the current skills shortage in South Africa and explains how this could impact jobs.

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Pather also points out the risks and obstacles to AI adoption that many businesses face, noting some of the potential ethical issues that tend to arise.

Finally, he suggests what the future of AI could hold with the caveat that this is difficult to predict due to the endless possibilities that the technology offers.

The full interview with Kavi Pather from EY is embedded below.

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