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Comair CEO promises to refund customers after grounding all flights

JOHANNESBURG – Comair CEO Glen Orsmond has promised that it will refund customers amid the grounding of Kulula and British Airways flights.

The troubled airline has suspended operations as it goes through a liquidity crisis.

Frustrated customers say they've been left stranded and by not making a prior announcement the company deceived them.

Orsmond says plans are being made.


An aviation analyst has labelled Comair's decision to immediately suspend flights and ticket sales a "heist" after consumers were offered flight specials right to the final hour before the announcement was made.

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The troubled airline, which operates Kulula and British Airways, said it had run out of funds to stay in the sky but analyst Phuthego Mojapele said Comair was well aware of their financial situation but ignored all the red flags and acted in bad faith.

The company's CEO said several setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the week-long revocation of its operating license by the Civil Aviation Authority have severely affected its liquidity.

Mojapele said Comair’s conduct and the recent blows to its reputation had jeopardised its credibility.

“The fact that they were also running a special which was ending at 11:59 last night – it was really something that was alarming.''


Mojapele said the airline’s credibility was a significant determinant for how and where it would secure funding to turn the ailing airline around.

“British Airways they also raised their concern about the reputation they continue to suffer under them. When you want to secure funding, you’ve got to be credible enough.”

He said Comair’s current management displayed arrogance and, like unions such as Numsa, he put the blame at Orsmond’s feet.

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