Tanzania: Serengeti National Park Attracts More Visitors in Festival Season

A diverse group of tourists from different parts of the world has spent this festival season in Serengeti National Park where they had joyful moments such as viewing various beautiful wild animals including the Big Five.

The 'Daily News' witnessed the tourists in dozens of vehicles conducting game drives on Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Seronera, the headquarters of the country's largest national park.

Besides viewing the different wild animals, the tourist was busy taking photographs of the animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, and buffalos. "We are happy to have tourists in Serengeti this festive season and many wild animals are available for them ", a tour guide from Arushabased tourist firm said.

The large number of Hippos seen at Seronera River was also an amazing attraction to the tourists. The park's airport (Seronera) was also busy with flights carrying tourists landing and taking off. Domestic tourists, including children from different parts of the country, celebrated the festive season at the park.

According to the Serengeti National Park Chief Park Warden, Mr Masana Mwishawa the number of foreign and local tourists visiting the park has continued to increase in recent months. Serengeti has been named the best Africa's Leading National Park in three years in a row.

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