Zimbabwe: Park Your Car If You Can’t Afford Fuel – Govt Says

Energy and Power Development minister Zhemu Soda has said people who cannot afford expensive fuel should park their cars at home and use public transport or even walk to work.

Global oil prices have been soaring over the past two weeks, triggered mainly by Western countries' decision to block Russian oil after the Kremlin attacked neighbouring Ukraine.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) increased local prices twice in four days from US$1,42 per litre to US$1,52 and then US$1,67.

Soda told journalists Wednesday there will not be any letting to the price increases and as such, Zimbabweans will have to adjust to that reality.

He then said the prices will be reviewed upwards on a weekly basis or even less than that, warning motorists who cannot cope with the price hikes to leave their vehicles at home and use Zupco buses.

He said this should prevent wastage of the precious commodity.

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"Yes, everyone is struggling with the prevailing situation but as government, we think it is important that the little that we have from the private suppliers' procurement be used sparingly," Soda said.

"This is a time to make critical decisions and not to be travelling unnecessarily. Where you can make use of Zupco buses that have been provided for by the government, let us park our vehicles for now and use public transport or walk. That is an encouragement," Soda said.

"Make use of the buses to and from work in the interim while we watch what is happening on the international arena," he said.

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