Zimbabwe: Switzerland Backs Museum of African Liberation

THE Swiss government has raised its national flag at the Museum of African Liberation, donated an assortment of Information Communication Technology equipment and also planted a solidarity tree, as part of its commitment to see the correct reconstruction of history from a diversified perspective.

Raising the Swiss national flag today, Ambassador of Switzerland to Zimbabwe, Mr Niculin Jäger who was accompanied by the Institute of African Knowledge Museum (INSTAK) chief executive, Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi said they were committed to seeing the fruition of the project.

Ambassador Muzavazi said the planting of the tree next to the Swiss national flag was a symbolic statement of the life-long solidarity between Switzerland and Africa.

Switzerland has significant expertise in digitisation and archiving, which it has agreed to avail to the Museum.

The Swiss Solidarity Movement also worked closely with various liberation movements on the continent, thus playing an important role in supporting Africa's struggle against colonialism and apartheid.

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The Museum of African Liberation represents a significant milestone for Zimbabwe and Africa's collective memory.

Zimbabwe and the African continent will now have a rallying point to engage with their own culture, history and heritage on African soil, said Ambassador Muzavazi.

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